Joomla Vimeo Component v3.0 (UPDATED 2017)

list vimeo videos in joomla

This Joomla extension displays Vimeo videos in your joomla website.

A live site:

The extension uses Vimeo Advanced API to retrieve videos from different sources.

Component’s default price includes 1 hour FREE support


  • Works out of the box (tested with 20+ templates)
  • Vimeo videos can be imported from any public
    • user
    • channel
    • group
    • album
  • List hidden (private) videos with Vimeo Plus account
  • Play video on single page (“in overlay” will be available in next version)
  • Customizable listing parameters
  • Customizing template/skin can be done by editing component’s CSS  file
  • Default component template uses active Joomla template settings
  • Default component template is designed to work fully responsive
  • Language independent (Customize prefixes and titles at menu parameters)

Customizable parameters

vimeo joomla configuration setup
  • Source
    • User
    • Channel
    • Group
  • Videos per page
  • Play videos in [single page]/[modal overlay]
  • Show/hide video thumbnails
  • Set videos thumbnail size [small][medium][large]
  • Show/hide title
  • Show/hide description
  • Show/hide length
  • Length prefix [text]
  • Show/hide date
  • Date format [PHP date() style]
  • Show/hide author
  • Wrap video details in DIV [Y/N]
  • Show single video page title [Menu title – Video title]/[Video title]
  • Show single video page description [Y/N]
  • Show single video page description prefix [text]
  • Show single video page author [Y/N]
  • Show single video page author prefix [text]
  • Show single video page date [Y/N]
  • Show single video page date prefix [text]
  • Show single video page length [Y/N]
  • Show single video page length prefix [text]
  • Player should be centered [Y/N]
  • Player should be fluid or what? [fluid]/[fixed]
  • Player width (px)
  • Player height (px)
  • Player color (hex)
  • Player autoplay [Y/N]
  • Player loop [Y/N]
  • Show/hide video title in player
  • Show/hide video owner name in player
  • Show/hide video owner icon in player

Installation guide

Vimeo Component 3.0 Requirements:
PHP 5.2.6+ w/ cURL enabled
Joomla! 2.5.5 or 3.0
For displaying hidden videos Vimeo Plus account required!

22 Responses to “Joomla Vimeo Component v3.0 (UPDATED 2017)”

  1. Robert Ek

    Hi, thanks for this great component! I hope there will be new releases with more features! (installed on a 2.5 Joomla without problems)

    • zsitro

      Yes! As you can see on the picture above there is a field for video source where you can put your vimeo ID.

  2. Opie

    Privacy Issue:
    I really like your component – but ran into a problem after I purchased and set it up. My videos are set to private on Vimeo – and when I do that – my videos don’t display in Joomla. I can only see the videos if my videos are set in the privacy to “Anyone.” Can you please let me know if there is a work around for this? I am using the “User” setting to allow for only the PRIVATE videos that I upload to my Vimeo account.

    • zsitro

      Hi Opie! Unfortunately the component does not support private video listing. However I played around a bit and I managed to implement a solution for this. Private video listing will be in the next release of the component. I try to send you the updated version in 1 or 2 days. Thanks!

      • zsitro

        Good news! New version has support for private videos. Please note that you need to have at least Vimeo Plus account to use this feature with the component.

  3. john

    before i buy, I need more than one channel of videos does this component support multiple channels ans can a single channel be selected from a menu.

    • zsitro

      hi, each joomla page can represent only 1 video source. Like 1 channel or user or group or album. But you can organize any kind of video list on vimeo using an album or a channel.

  4. Edwin


    We have 3600 videos and 43 channels on vimeo. We want to have a link on menu to show each channel.
    is it possible to import each channel separately and have a link on menu to show them on website?


    • zsitro

      Hi, with this component the only thing you can do in this case that you create 43 separate pages for each channel. Then you can reference those pages in your “Channels” page. But I guess it’s not very optimal for you. This component doesn’t have a “list of channels” type of view. I hope I answered your question.

    • zsitro

      If your question is that whether you can preset volume for vimeo embeds: no, you can’t.

  5. Tim

    Hi. I installed the plugin and followed the instructions to display an Album but when I click the link no videos show. All i see is the page heading and a “Next” button. No videos show. Please advise what problem could be.


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